balancecorazonycerebro For the FIRST time on Saturday 8th of October at 7-10 pm, in Oss, The Netherlands, Katiushka Borges, Love Medicine Woman, comes to perform a unique Sacred Cacao Healing Ceremony and Oracle READINGS, to connect with the intention of what you need to heal and reconnect with your heart’s wisdom. The Spirit of CACAO awakens your heart´s wisdom and heals at deep levels.

Katiushka Borges comes back to the Netherlands for the third time, to do a workshop on SHAMANIC HEALING METHODS of Cleansing and Protection in Rotterdam on Friday 7th October, give private healings, andonly for 6 participants HEALING WITH OBSIDIAN TOOLS, a workshop that will add a powerful toolkit to your practice.

cacaoAnd to perform this SPECIAL SACRED CACAO HEALING CEREMONY and ORACLE READINGS in Oss, to set the intention to heal.
NORMAL PRICE is 40, we are reducing it as an offering to you.
ONLY 35 EUROS per person (pay at the door). This healing ritual is like no other, because sacred cacao is to the heart like honey for a bear.
To reserve your place, please message via inbox. Also reserve here to keep an eye on the numbers, as places are limited to 13.


The Moon will be in Capricorn, so the focus will be on the next steps of my job, career, and finances. TO FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT AND NEED TO HAPPEN.

The Sacred Cacao Healing ceremony lasts 3 hours.
A Healing Circle that includes
* LIMPIA: Feather and Copal Cleansing
* Reading session with Floating Forest Oracle to receive advice and focus from the heart on the intention for the Ceremony.
* Sacred Cacao Hot Drink specially prepared with Ceremonial Cacao from Mayan Guatemala and Venezuela. Prepared with a mix of herbs and vanilla blessed by the Flyingmen of Papantla, Mexico.
* Drum Guided Journey inspired on what the participants of the group need.
* Heart Rattle Activation

The ritual that will be performed this evening will be focused on what everyone needs to heal, connecting with the First Quarter of the Moon in the earth sign of Capricorn. We can heal those aspects of ourselves and prepare to live this year with more purpose, more joy and heart wisdom gives us an extra dimension.
The Spirit of CACAO awakens our heart´s wisdom and heals at deep level with the FOOD OF THE GODS. LIMITED TO ONLY 13 people.
ONLY 35 Euros per person.

This ceremony will be a very special transforming experience TO CONNECT in a safe and sacred space. You will be held and nurtured to enjoy and feel connected to everyone else around you. the people you love and the pulsating loving heart of Mother Earth.
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kat_loveshaman_oracle-copyWHAT WILL HAPPEN DURING THE CEREMONY?
The ceremony has a CIRCLE format that allows everyone to tune and expand the heart in a very gentle way. We create a sacred circle which will start by increasing everyone’s vibration, and the message from the ORACLE for the cycles ahead, to pay attention to what we need to focus. My Condor Feathers will touch and cleanse what you need to let go of. Whatever any person from the group needs it will be taken care by Katiushka Borges, as she will assist you in the process of reconnecting with your heart’s expansion, to experience more joy in your life.
What to bring: A bottle of water, a cushion if you want to sit on the floor and a small blanket if you feel you want to get cozy.

What you drink during the ceremony is sacred cacao made from 100% raw ceremonial grade cacao from Guatemala and from Venezuela, which has been specially prepared for this ceremony. THE CACAO DRINK contains a blend of herbs and spices like cinnamon and cardamom, it is suitable for vegans. You can add sugar, or honey, as you wish or a pinch of cayenne pepper.

The ceremony itself lasts for around 3 hours but the effects stay around in a more subtle way for a few hours and even days and you can tune into the wisdom by reconnecting to a quiet space and enjoy the marvelous things that might happen to you. DOWNLOAD THE RECORDING OF THE RITUAL TO DO FOR A FEW DAYS AS SUGGESTED DURING THAT EVENING. Check Love Medicine Woman and download the tracks from Soundcloud if you wish.

For the ones who have experienced Katiushka’s SACRED CACAO CEREMONIES, you know you will be in safe space, and felt how powerful and gentle the healing is. It will transform your life in many ways, like being able to live and speak from the heart, according to what you want and FOCUS ON WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU.

parquedelestemaryudyWHO IS KATIUSHKA BORGES: Named by the media The LOVE SHAMAN. She originally comes from Venezuela and lives in London. And for the third time she is in The Netherlands.

Thursday 6th of October from 10 am to 1 pm and 3- 6 pm
shamanichealingmethods-netherlands-WORKSHOPS: SHAMANIC HEALING METHODS- Cleansing and Protection: Friday 7th October from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. HEALING WITH OBSIDIAN TOOLS, Monday 10th October (same time)
-SACRED CACAO HEALING CEREMONY & ORACLE READINGS: Saturday 8th October from 7-10 pm –
Katiushka is an author and healer, who originally comes from Caracas, Venezuela. Trained rigorously in ancient healing traditions, with the Shamanic Centre Northern Drum in UK, and Mexihca Tradition, with Medicine Men from Ecuador, Mexico, Amazon in Venezuela, Colombia and Tibet. Katiushka is the creator of FLOATING FOREST ORACLE (similar to ancient runes): 38 symbols made of Birch wood, with power animals, sacred geometry and natural elements from ancient traditions. And most recently ANCESTRAL HEARTBEAT ORACLE, registering the wisdom of healers and elders in Mexico to share and inspire new genartions to value the wisdom of our own ancestors. Please send us a message to book and we will reserve your place: Just drop us a line and we will get back to you. Email please:


Kruisstraat 108
5341 HG
Oss, NL


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