I am an interactive sensory artist living in London. I originally come from Caracas, Venezuela.

A published author by Grijalbo/ Mondadori ‘ In the Arms of Eros’ 1992 ( Erotic short stories Anthology) and ‘Secrets of Seduction for Lovers Like Us’  1996, in Spanish.

I use the heart as a metaphor and ART IN THE NAME OF LOVE for over 25 years through publications, video, paintings, drawings, performance and interactive media, exhibiting in Brazil (Belem do Pará), Venezuela (Caracas), USA (New York), U.K. (such as the V&A and Portico Gallery in London), Italy (Mediartech-Florence), Finland (Rovaniemi), Germany (Kalsruhe), Estonia (Parnu), Spain (Mediarama-Seville), The Philippines (Daet) and soon in Mexico.

I have been working for the past 20 years on interactive sensory installations, creating and testing the method ‘TRANCE LUDIC HEALING’. TLI is based on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), symbolic interaction, game formats (as a powerful tool to improve communication and healing in relationships), and sensory stimulation verbal and non vertbal.  ‘Games 2 Love’ allows couples to explore and enhance communication through sensory experiences, from a holistic point of view.

theinteractivebedPerforming as Mamasonga, I have exhibited my installations with cutting edge artists in new media art festivals, in London, (1997), in Mediartech, Florence ‘Digital Renaissance’ (1998) and Mediarama, Seville ‘Women and new technologies in 21st Century’ (2001) with great success, with over 25000 people experiencing love and communication through my work, like ‘The Interactive Bed’, ‘The way I see You’, ‘The Confessional of Love’.

My work has been also nominated for Prix Ars Electronica.

MamaSongawebliveI was commissioned to develop WebTV show ‘Mamasonga_my love coach’ (2003) about love where we streamed live 3 shows of one hour each, with video and flash animations, allowing users to play online with the games and content provided and chat with Mamasonga, asking questions about love and relationships.

I also participated with other artists in Elastic Residence ‘Playing Life’ (2004), where I created a multisensory space for people to come and improve their relationships or ask for love advice, play games and communicate better with each other. I also had several open studios presenting analog and interactive work (2009).

At the museum of Fine Arts, Venezuela

I exhibited the interactive sensory installation ‘Juegos de Amor’ (‘Games 2 Love’) with DJ mixing live with 8 areas of interaction, performing as Mamasonga for TV pilot, at Museum of Fine Arts in Caracas, Venezuela (June 2010).


Couple&Baby_SensoryConnectionI presented the video installation ‘Sensory Connection’ at Portico Gallery in London (Nov 2010), SENSATION exhibition, curated by Chrissy Thirlaway. Participants enjoyed a holographic projection, the scents of relaxation, while wearing 3D glasses and Sensory Love Belts (which stimulates the centre of balance of the body front and back).


StudentsplayingTheWayISeeYouTo bridge the technology divide and engage audience interaction ‘Games 2 Love’ was selected for NEW MEDIA FESTIVAL DAET on Feb 1-6 2011, in The Philippines and presented in a PUBLIC SPACE at Central Plaza Mall. New areas of interaction and games included ‘The Way I see You’, ‘Confessional of Love’, ‘Scents of Seduction’, ‘Sensory Connection’ with Sensory Love Belts, ‘Play Interactive Partners’ and ‘Build your Love and Relationship Profile’ online.


I also gave workshops on interactivity and communication to 250 elementary school children (7-12 years of age), 250 Secondary School teenagers (13-15 years of age) and 30 College Students (17-23) in Daet, Philippines.


Couples and people interested in love and friendship could explore their relationsV&Ahip, likes, and dislikes, and learn to love and respect each other through playful and interactive sensory experiences (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, taste, smell and sense of humour). Like the Sensory Love Belts at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. (Nov 2011)

I am a member of South London Women Artists and had a studio at Space- Vauxhall St. in London (which wa staken away for a new commercial development). I work from home now, which has become my healing space and  studio.

Mamasonga_LatinaNetworkAs a radio presenter, I spoke about how art in the name of love and romance, can help in creating better relationships. Performing as Mamasonga, I have reached a multicultural audience, communicating in both Spanish and English from Sept 2010 – March 2011.


“When you speak from your heart there is always another heart open to listen.”

_INV-ANCESTRAL-HEARTBEAT-Most recently, I exhibited ANCESTRAL HEARTBEAT, a Multisensory Installation that embodies oral tradition of Mexican culture through the Elders, to inspire new generations to value the wisdom our ancestors.  With four areas of interaction: SACRED MANTA (Sacred Blanket), with Interactive HEART Inspiration (using sound that activates by touching the image made by an Elder on the ‘Rebozo’- shawl), BODY BALANCE WITH SCENT OF 4 ELEMENTS (Water, Air, Earth and Fire) and the shortfilm ANCESTRAL DANCEBEAT,, which was premiered at Migrations Europa Exchange Festival, at Round chapel in Hackney). And the Blog.


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