angelfirepanterBefore we return to Mexico to bring ANCESTRAL HEARTBEAT back to the elders as a ‘thank you’ for sharing their wisdom with us, we will perform a very special gathering, to also thank all of you dear friends who have supported us and share with us, in ceremony. A unique heart connection we will treasure always. We will make offerings and prepare a ‘DESPACHO’ to set our intentions in this Sunday 16th of October with FULL MOON IN ARIES WITH SUN IN LIBRA. Start thinking about what is important to you and those intentions for your relationships. WE WILL DO THE ORACLE READING combined ANCESTRAL HEARTBEAT ORACLE and TAROT with prayers to Great Spirit and our GUARDIANS for them to be supportive of all of us in our journey: WHAT WE NEED TO MANIFEST IN OUR LIFE IN TEH NEXT 6 MONTHS!
I will prepare some nice food to share at the end of the farewell ceremony.

Geoff as the fire keeper is preparing the best logs for this ceremony for Grandfather Fire.

cacaoTHE SACRED CACAO WE USE IS MAYAN GUATEMALAN CACAO AND BEST CRAFTED IN THE OLD WAYS VENEZUELAN CACAO. We infuse the drink with BLESSED VANILLA pod given by the Flying men of Papantla, Mexico, and herbs with spices which creates a unique synergy of blessings and 4th dimension heart activation.

This ceremony is by donation only, we are not charging for it, as all the funds go to be able to print the books of ANCESTRAL HEARTBEAT in Spanish to give back to the Elders in the Mayan area, their communities, in Mexico City and Morelos. And to print extra for the Mayan Museums.

interactive-heart-inspiration_oracle-bookWe will be selling few books in English of the ANCESTRAL HEARTBEAT ORACLE, with links to soundcloud to listen to the voice of 20 most respected elders in Mexico, giving you their wisdom, and the poster of the INTERACTIVE HEART INSPIRATION board, to do the Oracle readings with your friends and for your own use when you need guidance. It will make an amazing gift for XMas to people you know, can benefit and be inspred by it.
Here you have a link of the Installation with photos of THE SACRED MANTA which led to the ORACLE, and the effect on people contributed to more heart connection to value the wisdom of their own ancestors..

img_4392We will have a few FLOATING FIREST ORACLE SETS to sell if you are interested in having one.

We will also do a Drum Journey, and healing around the fire.


This is just a Farewell as we are coming back to London in April, with more to share and to give to you. We are always available (wherever we are) for healing consultations on Skype.

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