How to use it

“I was asked to create a communication experience for the Art Project KINDEST FLOATING FOREST back in May 2011. I went into Shamanic retreat and the message was that I needed to create an ORACLE, which will allow people to switch the mind off and connect with the heart.

I spent one and a half months meditating, channeling, and this is the result of a deep and revealing healing process.” Katiushka Borges.

The Floating Forest Oracle is a guidance tool, it contains 38 magic symbols based on power animals, sacred geometry and natural elements from ancient healing traditions.

Choose the spread and read HOW TO CAST THE ORACLE.

The guide from the ORACLE can be folded in half to show only the symbols and their meanings.

The ORACLE is available in both Spanish and English!


To activate its power, follow these 5 key steps.


1. Prepare the space around a table, for the ritual. Light a candle, and burn some white sage, Holy Wood or incense. Invite and thank the presence of your spirit guide. Play background music, like tribal drums or meditation chants.

2. Close your eyes. Take three deep breathes, to prepare. Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth.

3. Shake the bag, with all symbols inside. Think of one question, or ask the ORACLE to give you a message.

4. Pick the symbols from the bag, using only the left hand, and then, find the meaning in the guide.

5. After the spread has been read, use the right hand to put them back in the bag, while thanking the ORACLE.


WEEKLY SPREAD.  Pick 2 symbols. Connect with them.

When doing the ORACLE with a partner or friend, take turns to assist each other. Interpret the meaning of the two symbols, by becoming each other’s ORACLE.

An insightful experience your guests will always remember! Offer each person the bag, pick two symbols from the ORACLE. When everyone has selected two symbols, read their meaning from the guide. Start clockwise, with the person to your left.  As each person’s symbol meanings are read out, everyone else can contribute, to add meaning to the reading.

If you have more than eight people, ask participants to pick only one symbol. Then, choose a friend who will assist you to add  meaning for each person.

MONTHLY SPREAD. Pick 5 symbols, one at a time. Follow this sequence to form a compass.


Pick the 1st, while thinking of the essence of the question (what you need to receive), and place it in the WEST/left arm of your compass.  Take the 2nd, thinking of past influences (what you need to take into account), and place it in the NORTH/upper arm. Take the 3rd, thinking of present influences (what you need to focus on now) and place it at the CENTRE.

Take the 4th, thinking of future influences (what to look for) and place it in the SOUTH/lower arm. Finally, take the 5th, thinking of the essence of the question (what you need to give), and place it the EAST/right arm of the compass. (Fig Compass) You should have a 5 symbol spread that looks like:

E/1 C/3 W/5

Notice the interplay between the symbols, and interpret their meanings from the guide.  If you connect the meanings of E/1 (receive) C/3 (now) W/5 (give), you will discover another aspect of the message.

Tip: For a daily advice pick one symbol. Put the symbol on a ribbon or chain, and wear it. Take a picture of your WEEKLY or MONTHLY SPREAD, with your phone, and use it as ‘wallpaper’ to keep the connection with the healing power of the FLOATING FOREST ORACLE.

You can purchase THE LIMITED EDITION OF THE FLOATING FOREST ORACLE. You can choose your own, as all the bags are different. Let the ORACLE choose you! 


Register your ORACLE –LIMITED EDITION– at to get tips, add comments, replace  symbols, and get insights from other users.

We are creating a special page for ORACLE owners and we will soon lead a workshop to know more about how to use it with friends and clients.



This ORACLE is intended for entertainment purposes only. The artists who created it are not responsible for any interpretations derived from the use of this product. Contains small parts, please keep out of small children’s reach.

All rights reserved. It is against the law, to reproduce any of the content, without permission from the artists.