This workshop is for only 6 people. Monday 10th of October 2016, from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.

This is a workshop which will give you the most, if not the best tools I have in my healing kit. These are unique powerful tools to heal self and others. The Wand, The Sphere, The Egg and The Coin.

“I used them with my partner Geoff, to prepare him the night before a scheduled 3rd time heart procedure of atril fibrilation, to take  out any impediment or obstacles for it to be successful this time. While he was at hospital, during the procedure, the heart did not fibrilate to the surprise of the Dr and guided him to fix something else they would have overlooked. ”

We can use the Obsidian Tools to destroy a condition and then to regenerate the body! I learned these techniques from well known Mexican teachers Sergio Magaña, and Alma Santiago. and practiced extensively these effective methods. There is a feminine and male way of using them. I combined both,

During the workshop we will evaluate the energy of each tool and feel the connection. The energetic quality of the Obsidian is to extract that which is not known or not obvious that is there, until we get it out. How to keep them and cleanse them before and after any healing you perform.

We will learn how to connect with each one of them, as an extension of our hands, for everyone is different, very personal way of using and feeling them. However, each one of Obsidian tools has a recommended use, according to the chakras and best function on parts of the body, and purpose of the healing.

There are two methods of using them, and we will practice both of them, such as how to heal trauma or to perform surgery. We can integrate them into our healing practice, and use them as needed.

Date: Monday 10th October 2016

Time; From 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

The cost of the Obsidian Tools, made specially in Mexico, from volcanic Lava is €50

The Workshop is €85

Total: €135

If booking before 8th of October €10 discount

Note: Please email Willeke@simplybee.nl

Address: Teldersweg 80 Rotterdam. School building.

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