Tips and advice


You can use the Floating Forest Oracle in many different ways, as you experience its guidance and healing power. Here you find more ways on HOW TO CAST THE ORACLE.

Suggest that the person you are doing the spread for takes a picture with a mobile phone, to use as wallpaper, and to keep receiving its healing power.

Tip one:

If you have several guests at a dinner party or reunion, just ask each person to take one symbol with their left hand. Then place them one by one until they are all on the table. Start the reading. Let everyone know that it is a collective reading, although the symbol they picked applies especially to them. Do a summary of each symbol’s meaning at the end so everyone can connect the collective meaning of the reading.

Take a picture with your phone of the whole spread  and each person of the individual spread. They can use it as wallpaper to keep reminding them of the message, and continue to receive its healing power.


Tip two:
Another way of using it often,  is to pick one symbol for the message of the day (always with the left hand). And then you can carry it around your neck for the day to receive its healing power.

Tip three:
When you want a message or advice about a decision you need to make, or an issue you have in mind, or you want confirmation or clarification, pick 3 symbols. Use the first one for past, second for present and third for future. You can also combine the spread with 3 tarot cards, with the same intention and placement, underneath the symbols to add meaning to the spread.

Tip four:
You can pick 3 extra symbols when you want to clarify a specific question, which is an extension of what the ORACLE spread revealed. The spread I am referring to is the  MONTHLY SPREAD with 5 symbols (like the compass – cross of movement). Usually people want to know more when the spread reveals a message or a direction to follow. Then you can tell them to ask for a more specific question to get an answer that will help them clarify the guidance given.

Tip five:
For a quick spread, ask for friend or client to pick 2 symbols. One at at time. Read their meaning and see how the 2 symbols can tell a story together. Let the symbols speak to you and trust the insight!