LittlemanwlistIf you want to be more successful at what you do, I can help improve your performance and get ahead of the game. After going through my programme, you will have a toolkit to implement anytime you need. When we are at work we face challenges all the time. Whether it is a colleague who is annoying us with behaviours that make us feel threatened, or attitudes from clients that we do not know how to deal with.

If every move we make encounters opposition and we are not sure how to express our discomfort, how do we resolve the issue? Communication is the key.

Start by looking at yourself. What do I need to change? It might be performance issues you want to improve on, to get ahead  in your career or to build better relationships with your boss or subordinates.

Most successful Chief Executive Officers agreed that they benefit from having a coach they can talk to. Their performance improves and they become more effective at what they do.

My experience of building relationships at Board Level, as Executive Coach and Senior Advisor for Capgemini, can give you unique competitive advantage.

The method which I have developed, ‘Strategic Personality Profiling’ (SPP), brings this unique competitive advantage to winning and building more effective business relationships. Master the power to influence, to be more confident and successful in what you do!

This method allows you toBond1Powerful

  1. Put yourself into your ‘clients’ shoes’.
  2. Build rapid rapport and trust.
  3. Influence with integrity
  4. Develop long-term relationships
  5. Win bids
  6. Increase sales

I offer you bespoke one-to-one coaching or training for your team. If you want to know more, give me a call to have an informal chat.


  • Executive Coaching for Managers, Teams and CEOs, to prepare for meetings and bid rehearsals.

“The profile was essential to being able to make maximum impact in my first meetings. Katiushka has coached me and made a difference of how I am perceived.” Senior VP- Now CEO.

“Thank you for helping me put my relationship problems with my CEO behind me.  Now I can coach other Board members”. CFO.

“What I learned from you, changed completely the way I do business and build relationships. From being a senior consultant, I am now CEO of my own company with a £90m turnover”. CEO

  • Learning and Development, training in relationship building techniques and leadership for VPs, graduate intake, young and senior executives.

I found the training very useful especially in meetings with potential clients. I now know what to look out for and it has helped me manage meetings more effectively.” Senior VP 

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