Love Healer

I am a Love Healer with a passion to empower others to have better relationships, to love and be loved in a good way.  To heal their hearts and rejuvenate their souls.

Some people ask me since when I do this? I believe since I was a little girl. When I was 3 I could remember how I did things when I used to be older (which now I relate to past lives).

When I was 7, I will suffer when others girls were bullied at school. Since then, I realised I am a protector. I want to make vulnerable people stronger, and powerful people happier for themselves and for others. I approached these girls to become their friend, made them laugh, and after a while, they were accepted by the group, and not bullied anymore. I realised now that I was empowering them to become just what they were, wonderful human beings but different, so I brought out their potential to shine. And most importantly, to believe in themselves and not to feel inferior or superior to others!