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Healing Sessions with Katiushka Borges – Love Medicine Woman

Love Medicine WomanI am trained in shamanic healing with Northern Drum, and other respected elders from the Amazon in Venezuela, North America, Scandinavia, and Mexico. I follow my soul’s purpose and keep myself learning, creating and sharing,  to heal myself, and others. Since I was a little girl, my perception of the world was enhanced by visions which at the time I thought everyone had them. my heart always open to protect others, for example, the ones who were bullied at school,  I approached them to make them feel accepted and appreciated. Healing is an effective empowering tool, as everyone has the power to heal within when the right connections and reconnections are made to allow the process.

My healing sessions follow the knowledge transmitted from ancient times through generations of traditional healers, that have now become my friends, and from whom I have received and currently exchange practices and new knowledge.

Open Heart Surgery

In the past 5 years, I have spent most of my time in Mexico working with elders, sharing ceremonies, giving workshops and giving lectures about my method ‘Trance Ludic Healing’, and therapies like OPEN HEART SURGERY (where the heart of the client shows me the wounds in their soul to ask for healing)  or GAMES OF LOVE (couples therapy using game formats to avoid confrontation and improve communication and closeness), at the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH), in the City of Mexico, Gathering of Medicine men and women, rituals and therapies.Fragmentation of self

The healing process for me is a journey, a Course of 6 sessions as it is results-driven., as I realised that one needs about 8 weeks to change a habit or behaviour. Between each session, there is often an action plan to implement, practice, task, guided meditations, or activity to follow. 

I offer support and guidance between sessions via email, whats app or text, to help you shift anything which might be important for you.


The interactive sessions I give are based on my own method ‘TRANCE LUDIC HEALING’ which applies a clear strategy, and always includes an element of fun, deep healing and relaxation.

In a gentle and caring way, it helps you to deal with any situation, without confronting extreme conflict or pain.

My programme which has been tested successfully with hundreds of clients, consists of a course of 6 sessions, bringing lasting results and for your own benefit

Visits at home available, add £60 to the cost of £90 for one hour and the First Consultation lasts 2 hours, which includes Oracle reading, cleansing, realigning of chakras, deep healing on what might be needed, and if possible soul retrieval (If it goes over 15 min, I will not charge you extra).

Cleansing from negative energies


SHOP/HOME CLEANSING – including materials done by myself and my partner Geoff £250 –

If you feel tired and sometimes heavy. It might be that you have been vulnerable and picked negative energies from other people. We are not free from envious people, or jealousy, thoughts are forms and the negative ones can affect us in many ways. If our energy levels are low, we are more vulnerable to absorb other people’s energies. So I can teach you to protect yourself from it while I clear all that might be affecting your vibration. Sometimes people even carry attached spirits that are affecting their thoughts and ability to manifest what they want in their life.

People noticed that after going into work in the city, taking public transport, and then coming home. Feeling heavy and exhausted.  You will feel the difference between BEFORE and AFTER.

TESTIMONIAL: Cleansing of Shop Hair Boutique

Katiushka is a talented, loving, and caring person. Able to arm your determination with the powers that lack in order to achieve what you want in your life! Her knowledge assists us in words and with the ancient wisdom of the shamanic traditions. She is the ultimate medicine and the perfect remedy for all that you desire! Her partner Geoff is the secret weapon and her perfect complement! Highly recommended! It completely changed the energy of myself and the shop. Happy you were both part of this process, you have a lot of Magic.

Egg Cleansing is an ancient method of cleansing I learned from different teachers, and most recently from Don Aurelio in Mexico.

Egg CleansingI have given mini-workshops to healers on how to do the Egg Cleansing.

I also add to the Egg Cleansing the use of Herbs to finalised the cleansing, leaving you with a feeling of lightness and clear-minded.  The session lasts 45 minutes for £45. Contact me if you want more information and to book in London, please call me on 07471082178.


FOR SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIPS: Consultation and Healing for individuals and for couples

INDIVIDUALS: If you want to ‘stop kissing frogs’ and clear past relationships and negative patterns you seem to be repeating, this is for you.

It will help you be ready to attract the partner you really want and identify unconscious patterns, to stop repeating them. I create a safe space where we go direct to the point to explore it and heal holistically, to reach balance in all areas of your life.

The fee for an individual consultation is £135 for 90 minutes session.

COUPLES: If you and your partner want to reconnect and to bring back the fun, intimacy, attraction, and friendship that got you together in the first place, HAPPILY EVER AFTER is for you.

I do separate individual sessions with each partner and then a session together, alternating, to complete a combined course of six sessions.

The fee for couples consultation (individually) is £135 for 90 minutes session. Together is £180

If you want to have a free 15 min chat to explore what you are going through, please contact me.

To consult regarding your need you can contact me through the form on this site. The fee for the session is in the range of between £65- £135.

1-2-1 Coaching

I have been coaching and empowering people to find their way since I was young. I had the natural ability to put myself in the other person´s shoes. The result has always been very satisfying for them, as their lives became happier and more fulfilling. I have been a senior advisor, and coach at board level for big corporations with great success.  I have been Internationally Certified Coach by The Coaches Institute, Master NLP Practitioner by Society of NLP, and the International Association of NLP Practitioners, as well as in Clean Language, EFT, Deep Democracy (blue belt) and Vivation®.

MOST ISSUES ARE ASPECTS OF OUR LIVES THAT NEED OUR ATTENTION. Aspects of ourselves that we have neglected,  and have become unconscious, patterns from family, parents, and break up in relationships. Or sometimes is a continuous sensation that comes and goes, such as when we feel ‘down’, it is usually because we have given our power away! Time to reclaim it and go to the source of the problem to create a solution.

Sometimes, clients come with a specific issue and as we clear it. But the real issue, which was not obvious, comes to say ‘hi, I also need attention’, and we work on it together, to heal it.

If you want to improve your performance at work or to resolve some issue in your life that is affecting your work-life balance, please contact me. I can really help you.

Fees are £95 for one-hour session. The first consultation is one and a half hours £110.

Workshops via Zoom or Presence

WorkshopMy workshops and talks focus on connecting with the feminine and understand what we need to heal, both men and women. We focus on the importance of how to love and be loved better. We all need to heal patterns from the past to move forward in life and manifest healthy relationships. We focus on re-learning how to use the heart’s wisdom to make decisions and walk the path of the heart.

We need to keep working on what we need to let go that does not serve us anymore, and healing ourselves. After the shift of 21-12-12, and towards 21-12-21 we must learn to make new choices while facing the challenges that will allow us now and then, to live happier with an open heart.
Some of my most popular workshops:

  • RECLAIM YOUR FEMININE POWER (for women who need to reclaim the power of receiving and for any abuse, emotional or psychological inflicted by anyone, from parents to partners)
  • LOVECRAFT: CREATE YOUR VIDEOGAME CHARACTER LEVEL 1-4 (for young adults from 11 – 14 years of age, and for children from 8 to 10. They will find a sense of belonging and improve communication, self-knowledge, and relationship with parents.   https://vimeo.com/448991548
  • STOP KISSING FROGS (for both women and men who want to stop repeating the unconscious patterns of attracting the same person, whether he or she is unavailable or incapable of giving you what you deserve)
  • HAPPILY EVER AFTER (for couples who want to reignite their passion and most importantly create the space for romance and connection, after having children)
  • A FACE-LIFT FOR YOUR SOUL (with Pleiades Initiation, which heals emotions and rejuvenates body)
  • LOSE THE WEIGHT OF YOUR SHADOW (for men and women who need to face those negative aspects that keep attracting unwanted situations into their lives, blocking happiness when it is time to embrace and be the best version of themselves).

If you would like to organise a workshop for a group of friends,  or within your organisation, contact me to discuss the details.

Oracle Readings and Healing

Individual private Oracle readings with healing, for 30 min or 60 min, by appointment.

Group readings for dinner parties, by prior booking. Latitudinal Cuisine sessions have been the highlight of the evening. Also, book for weddings and hen parties. Price packages available, contact me to discuss the details.

ORACLE READINGS AND HEALING for only £60 for an hour session to get answers you seek. Adding PENDULUM £90 for an extra 30 minutes, for confirmation of yes or no answers.

Pop in for coffee or tea, and enjoy the experience of an Oracle reading to find inspiration and guidance. Have a chat and find answers to that question that has been playing on your mind. Take a picture with your phone to save your symbols and keep receiving the Healing Power of THE ORACLE.

Oracle readings and healing sessions on Skype or Zoom

Oracle Readings and HealingAs effective as it is in person, we can connect for oracle readings and healing sessions via skype. These particular sessions are done when the geographical distance is too expensive to overcome or because ypu prefer to do it from the comfort of your own home. However, if you are around London, it is good to have it face to face. For the skype session please make an appointment through this form and pay the fee of the session you choose. You can also purchase an ORACLE LIMITED EDITION through the Paypal form!

Oracle Readings / Healing Sessions


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If you like further information about these sessions get in touch with me  through the contact form.

CREATE YOUR VIDEOGAME CHARACTER FOR YOUNG ADULTS 11-14 and CHILDREN 8-10 https://vimeo.com/448991548 https://vimeo.com/448993619