Trance Ludic Healing

Whilst searching for ways to avoid confrontation and stimulate heart-to-heart communication, I designed ‘Trance Ludic Healing’, for people to break old patterns of relating, to improve their wellbeing and to heal quicker.

This effective method uses the heart as a metaphor and integrates NLP, games and play as communication tools, ancient healing traditions and symbolic interaction.

I will take you through a kind healing process that is effective and quicker than most techniques.

This method was developed and tested at sensory art installations (1997-2016), which were presented and tested with over 25000 people, in festivals and symposiums in Europe, Canada, North and South America. Now, I have taken the installation out of the art space to make it accessible and easier for people to improve their relationships and have a fulfilling life with what they want.


What is the benefit for me?

My clients rely on having a supportive heart that can reflect a way to love better and live happier. They have fun in the process and achieve results in 6 private sessions. We all have to heal past relationships, and we do not realise how the unconscious patterns keep blocking or sabotaging our life.

Whether you want to find the love you deserve or to get closer to the one you love. You will heal faster and effectively in 6 sessions, during a period of 8 weeks (which is the time one needs to change habits)! You can also have sessions via Skype, and be part of practical workshops with a small group of people. I offer you a supportive and safe space to touch areas that can be healed and transformed, for you to begin a new cycle.

Can I also have a session with the Oracle?

Yes. I include the Oracle and do a spread for you during the first session, so anyone who wants guidance or has to make a decision can seek advice, or ask a question they might have.