What is Shamanic Healing for Wellbeing?

Life on this planet is truly incredible. We get to explore new things, learn, and breakthrough challenges. Every moment is an opportunity for growth and inspiration, and it’s a beautiful thing. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, we find ourselves stuck. We try to move forward, but something inside us seems frozen, preventing us from making progress. Old ways do not work anymore, and we do not know why.

That’s exactly where I found myself before I met Katiushka. Her presence was like a warm light in the darkness, and she had a way of touching the hidden parts of myself that I had long forgotten. Through our meetings, she helped me break free from the frozen structure that held me back, allowing me to release the parts of myself that no longer served me.

Katiushka’s life experience and deep shamanic methods are truly magical. But what’s even more remarkable is her ability to reconnect us to our hearts. Her generosity and kindness are a testament to her character, and I can’t recommend her services enough. She has a gift for helping people find their way back to themselves, and back to their hearts, and I am forever grateful for the transformation she has brought into my life, so I can pursue my journey to become the best version of myself thanks to her. Testimony from Chris, Creative Professional, male, age 47.

About Katiushka

Working with Katiushka is a profound experience. I cannot tell you what she does or exactly how she does it, but, by the time a session is over, I’m not the same. Katiushka changes me from the inside, shifting aspects of my reality in ways that have very significant consequences.

As my life turned itself inside out, throwing everything into turmoil, every session, in person, remote or recorded, as transformed the experience. Her work has allowed me to better integrate what has been going on, provided me with extra strength directly face my challenges, and shifted ancient inner patterns in ways that seemed so simply dissolve some of my inner conflicts.

I very sincerely recommend Katiushka and her work. The process is not for explaining or understanding, it’s for experiencing. It will transform you. Peter, Technology Professional, male 48.


Katiushka is a talented and intuitive healer who employs a range of Shamanic techniques in her teaching, workshops, ceremonies and individual healing sessions. She naturally adapts her sessions to fit the participants and ensures successful healing progress in a friendly and comfortable way. Her warm demeanour and loving energy create an inclusive and accepting space for relationships to develop, share and thrive. The sounds of her drumming connect you to a world of infinite possibilities and experiences. These drumbeats follow you long beyond your experience.    Katiushka is a master of the ceremony of cacao and imbibes her smooth mixture with phenomenal supporting energy. Always interesting with caring insight,      I highly recommend an experiential journey with Katiushka.


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