Cleansing and Protection – SHAMANIC HEALING METHODS

shamanichealingmethods-netherlandsHealers need to cleanse and protect themselves, so they can continue to be of service and useful to others. More than ever there are ways to simply put this into practice. I have known healers who became over confident and have paid a huge price by not protecting themselves from attached entities. This practical workshop is to learn to improve your healing power, protect yourself and to learn how to activate it anytime you need. It is exciting and fulfilling to experience, even more rewarding when you see the effect on your clients and the people you heal!

These Shamanic Healing Methods, of cleansing and protection, will give you useful tools with effective methods that have been transmitted through generations. From ancient traditions, such as Native American and Mexican. The teachings come from unbroken lineages of healers given to students and teachers who held that wisdom. Now it is the moment to pass it on and to share that wisdom that has been kept from being available to all.

SUGGESTED DONATION: €110  Concessions €95
IF YOU WANT TO BRING A FRIEND WE WILL GIVE IT HALF PRICE of €55 for your friend so you can both benefit.
Please reserve your place before 6th of October to have this offer. Pay cash at the door. Contact
I am going back to Mexico to tour with the Multisensory Healing Art Installation ANCESTRAL HEARTBEAT which gathers the wisdom of elders from Mexico, and before I go, I would like to share this with you!
The suggested donation is to bring the Installation with their wisdom imprints back to the elders, and tour with THE SACRED MANTA, BODY BALANCE WITH 4 ELEMENTS and INTERACTIVE HEART INSPIRATION,  from the Mayan Area to Mexico City and Manzanillo, to benefit the new generations to value the wisdom of their ancestors.

For sensitive people who are following the journey of service to others, or want to start with a rigorous and practical approach to healing self and others. Whether you want to start exploring how to heal or you want to step up in your healing practice, these tools are unique, easy, safe and effective to use.

For people who are changing their lives and want to heal and protect themselves or their loved ones from negative energies or psychic attacks.

For the ones who are practising any form of healing, massage, spiritual healing, or are already working on alternative therapies. Even Superheroes need some form of protection, as I was talking to a good Healer and friend, we have a mission to do, raise the vibration, cleanse and protect.

We are living challenging times where the veils have come down, the negative energies although invisible to most, can damage us when we less expect it. Also the positive energies are there for us to assist us in our work.

1- The importance of creating a sacred and safer space, before starting healing work with another person/client. What to use and what to have.
2- Methods of protection, before and after with the 4 elements and how to use them: Water, Fire, Earth and Air.
3- Use of Egg cleansing method and herbs for clearing blockages, psychic attacks, negative load, envy, jealousy, and spot any illness the person might have ignored or not been aware of.
4- Use of feathers for cleansing and blessing.
There will be an opportunity for Private Healing sessions on 6th October.  SACRED CACAO CEREMONY will take place on Saturday 8th October in Oss. Please see the address.

Start at 7 pm until 10 pm.

Kruisstraat 108
5341 HG
Oss, NL

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