Full MoonThis FULL MOON RITUAL helps with your relationships, to self and others. It is about returning to the heart, and the fire that ignites the connection between our creative powers and transformation. The opposition from The Full Moon in Aquarius aligns the purpose, not only for own personal benefit but also for the benefit of the collective, including groups we have or belong to, or the ones we would like to join or create.

The balance between personal desires with the collective interest, and those people who are in our lives. This Full Moon has an interesting depth. Ask yourself:

What are you doing to balance giving and receiving, in both love relationships and friendships? The idea is to go deeper into all the relationships we have and clarify whether they have to be in our lives or not.

What are you giving and receiving from those relationships?

What is your investment and what is the return? We do not give in order to receive, however it is very important to check the quality of what we are receiving.

The balance of what we are giving and receiving from ourselves, as well as from others is KEY.

Which relationships you need to let go, because they take from you more than they give to you?

Are you being a victim of your own relationships or friendships, because you do not know how to say no?

Who is making you feel guilty and who is using you as a rubbish bin?

You might have given your power away to someone in a relationship. Do you feel drained or charged with negative energy?

With these kind of relationships we have to cut energetically and emotionally, and set boundaries. There are people who don’t have a place in our lives anymore. We all change, and keeping a friendship because we feel guilty or because we let ourselves be manipulated… has no sense at all.

From now on, clarify and manage the expectations, both personally and with others, to be first of all true and loyal to yourself. From the heart express what you feel and do not let anyone abuse you. That is neither loving yourself or friendship. Love and friendship starts at home with yourself.

At the same time, we review those negative relationships, that we need to cut from.

It is also important to appreciate the nurturing and positive people we have in our lives.

We all have family members, friends, love relationships and colleagues we work with which nurture our soul and our life. More than ever this is a moment to revise and demonstrate your appreciation, in the way that they feel appreciated (not in the way you think or guess). Most importantly is to let them know how much we do appreciate them, a text message, an email, a phone call, a card…o that piece of chocolate can also show we care, if we know what that person likes.

Please include your ancestors, those people you love who are not with you anymore in this life, but keep living in our hearts.

It is the time to let go and reclaim your power to be able to benefit others and elevate your vibration.

Join people, groups and friends who can nurture, appreciate and care for you. Include plants, trees, all our relations, and Mother Earth! Raise your vibration. Very important now!


What do you need?

1- If you are going to use a candle, have a bowl to gather the ashes once you have burned the paper with what you’ve written. Flowers and cinnamon stick for the offerings.

FireandTarotMoon 2- If you are going to make a fire in your garden or outdoors, let the fire transmute what you have written on paper, and have a piece of chocolate to offer it to your ancestors. A cinnamon stick, and a pinch of tobacco or herbs such as rosemary, sage, bay leave or orange peel, for Mother Earth, plants and trees.

3-  Paper to write with pencil or pen.

What to do?


1-  Light your candle and put some music in the background to inspire you, if you want.

2-  Use the paper to write the names of people, relationships and groups that are in your life (and you know you must let go because they harm you or dump their stuff on you, and give you nothing more than negativity or complaints).

3-  When you are burning the paper with the candle or fire, thank for all what they gave you and taught you, but you let them all go. If you use the candle, gather the ashes and take them to the bathroom and flush them down the toilet. If you have a river or sea nearby, let the water take it away.

4-  Grab another sheet of paper and write a list with the names of people, relationships and groups you appreciate in your life or you wished they’d be in your life. Once you have done this, you keep it and in a few days you read it again, and take action with each person.

5-  Facing the fire or flame of the candle, from your heart send to each person what it might make them feel appreciated. Send love and light if you can’t think of anything specific.

 6- To your ancestors, if you are using a candle, send love, light and be grateful for being there for your protection. Same with Mother Earth that nurtures you, include all your relations, plants and trees, and burn the cinnamon stick.

 7- To your ancestors, if you are making a fire, send love and light,  and the piece of chocolate, thanking them from your heart. Same to Mother Earth, the pinch of tobacco, the cinnamon stick, orange peel and/or herbs. And say anything that comes to your mind at that moment. You can use the drum, a melody or a song instead.


Energetic Cord CuttingIf you feel you need some advice or need to cut energetically with someone, work or love relationships from the past, feel free to contact me to have a chat, at no cost to you via facebook: Katiushka Borges.

Some relationships we have had in the past can block, unconsciously, our ability to love again. Or prevent us from attracting the person we deserve. Please drop me a line and we could have a session in person or via Skype, to cut with what still is attached to your energy field. All consultations include a Reading with Floating Forest Oracle.


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