Today with the FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS and SUN IN LEO, with Eclipse is a day to focus on relationships with self and others. reading

FULL MOON ORACLE READING FOR YOU: The Full Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Leo at 10:26 am Thursday 18th of August (London time). You might have been feeling the energies quite strong these days. Some people say about headaches and until Saturday 20th we will be feeling a lot of energy is shifting, realigning or about to shift. We have the Olympics and the energy of cooperation, healthy competition, kindness and joy. Align with those energies and focus on something that could not only benefit you but the collective. The groups, and circles you belong to and the people you want to collaborate with.

WHAT YOU NEED TO GIVE- On the left we see the symbol of DIVINE FEMININE: Wisdom and Intuition. Female qualities. Heal the feminine. WOMEN: Learn to receive. MEN: Learn how to give.

WHAT YOU NEED TO RECEIVE- On the right we see the symbol of the Moon (funny enough she appeared on the spread to make herself present) MOON CYCLES: If we look at the cycles of the Grandmother Moon, we see that every 7 days she falls into a new cycle, and a full cycle is every 28 days. Connected to the water tides. Menstruation cycle, women and to give life! What do you want to give life to? On tonight’s FULL MOON light a candle, have a glass of water, flowers and incense and from your heart ask what you want to manifest? (RITUAL TO FOLLOW)

PAST (Lessons from the past you need to integrate.) On the Top, we see the heart symbol, TO LOVE: Check the quality of what you are receiving. The more you give, the more you….(shall receive). To love and to be loved in a goo way is a journey of learning about giving and receiving.  This symbol is about your own perceptions about love, and how important it is for you to find its true meaning. Leaving behind what you learned is not love is a lesson, which will prevent you from falling into toxic relationships. What are you giving to yourself?

PRESENT (What to focus on). In the middle we can see the symbol of the SUN: Be grateful and welcome the SUN everyday. It is time for you to shine and feel more alive. In whatever you do, bring the sun into your life as the energy the source. without the sun we will not be alive. Connect with that energy or fire, SUN in Leo. Bring your own light to shine and to share with others. Your own potential needs to come out and shine!

FUTURE (What to look forward to). At the bottom we wee the symbol of TOTEM REFLECTION: Look in the mirror. What do you see that you like and do not like in others? It is in you. What you appreciate in others or reject in others is in you. That reflection can lead us to greater awareness about how we can be kind to ourselves instead of judging or criticising ourlseves. And to appreciate ourselves more in the light of what we are and what can we bring into the world.

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