Healing Sessions: Open Heart Surgery (in London)


Recently I received a request from a dear fellow Grandmother about my views on Healing.                       I would like to share it with you:

“I feel that we all carry within the power to heal, ourselves and the motivation to heal others is about being of service. Healing ourselves to be more able to heal others, as we become a channel of Great Spirit. It is a continuous journey of self healing and discovery. We can heal in many ways with the kindness of our heart and when someone asks for help we can be of service. As we develop and gather tools and ancestral methods we are better suited to do it, as we become more aware of our responsibility with ourselves and others. It is always a choice we make, with the intention. When we heal the wounds we all carry, we can set the intention that it will also heal same wounds in others in that way, such as the wounded feminine or the wounded masculine. Reactivating intuition and wisdom, action and protection. We are an extension of Mother Earth and we carry within the 4 elements. Developing high levels of consciousness allows to see beyond ourselves and embrace each and everyone, all sentient beings. We are one.” Katiushka Borges – Love Medicine Woman

I will be in London for the Month of September, before I go back to Tepoztlán, Mexico.  If you want to heal or recover that part of yourself that is missing, you can book a Healing Session and Oracle Consultation Tuesdays and Fridays (also weekend available upon request).

Why I call it OPEN HEART SURGERY? Because the heart is the home of the soul, and the wounds or what needs healing are revelled to me as the heart opens to show my soul  what needs to be healed.

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I work with my Condor Feather, as my medicine name is CondorHeart, drums, stones and crystals, sound, black obsidian and rattles. Whether you want to realign your soul’s purpose, be ready to love and be loved in a good way, or need rebalancing of your energies to face new challenges and start a new cycle, you can book via this page.  We all have something to heal to bring out the best we can be!

Or feel free to call me on my UK number +447471082178

Whats App only on my Mexican number +5219831559283


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