Full Moon Water Ritual in Piscis to plant your dream (26-8-18 / 02-09-20)

Full Moon ritual in Piscis 2018This Ritual can be performed today or tomorrow while the Moon is still in Piscis. The intention is important as so are the words you need to say out loud. It is a prayer, a petition.


Petals of flowers of different colours. I had roses so I used rose petals

A glass or ceramic bowl filled with water (no plastic)


A white ccandle-1andle and incense stick (copal, sandalwood, palo santo, sage…)

Light the white candle and with the flame light the incense stick. Place it near a window or in the area, it can be safe, as you will let the candle burn until it is all gone.


Have the petals ready on one side. Grab the bowl and filled it with water.

Place your hands on top of the bowl without touching to charge the water with your hands, calling on the Goddess of Water ChalchiuhtlicueDiosa del Agua and sing her a song or a melody dedicate it to her. Pronounce her name.

Call on the energy of the stars, the Pleiades and with both hands connect with the Water Element, your blood and the Full Moon in Piscis.

Then with your right hand spread the sugar on the water, in the four directions, to make the cross of movement, NORT TO SOUTH AND WEST TO EAST. Make 2 circles to the left and 2 circles to the right, raise your hand to the centre up (sky)and centre down (earth).

Spread the flower petals on the water and then, immerse both hands inside.

Breathe in 3 times with your nose and exhale with your mouth. Close your eyes and ask Great Spirit, your Spirit teacher, and all the light beings that care for the people to be with you, while you say out loud:

I sincerely make this offering and ask Grandmother Moon (in Piscis) for my intuition to guide me, to flow like water, and for Father Sun (in Virgo) to active the foundation so my dream can be planted and Mother Earth can manifest it, for my benefit and the benefit of all.

This dream I have is____________________________________________(say whatever you have in mind)

Feel the energy on your Third Eye and on your Base Chakra (sexual area) which connects you with the Earth. Take your hands out of the water (keep breathing through your nose and exhaling through your mouth), and place them on the side of your body with fingers extended towards the Earth, like worms that will enter. Pay special attention to the MIDDLE FINGER, that it is associated with the FULL MOON, and feel how the energy runs through your fingertips and go into Mother Earth. Ask Mother Earth to be the soil for your dram to blossom.

Raise your hands, palms up to the SKY, and feel the energy in your crown chakra and heart, and ask with your own words, the help of the light beings and Universe to provide to manifest this dream, and to follow the path led by the wisdom of your heart.

Then place your left hand on your will centre, 4 fingers below the navel,  and your right hand on the solar plexus (top of the stomach) just between your ribs. And here you ask, for your own will power to be strong to make those steps towards manifesting your dream and that you will be protected from external influences or any negative thoughts that come your way, as you are activating your Spiritual Warrior energy.

Then clasp your hands in front of your heart and say OMETEOTL 4 times.

Feel the energy through your body and the support of the earth through the soles of your feet, and express deep gratitude, while you received the light of the moon through your crown chakra down, as your offering has been received to grant what you asked for.

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