Healing Therapy against fear, with Oracle readings and Sacred Cacao, via Zoom (special offer)

Preparing Sacred Cacao drink with herbs and spices for Healing the Heart

When you combine a cup of Sacred Cacao and Oracle Readings, you have a powerful healing therapy that will give you what is needed for balance, courage, and well-being during these uncertain times. Most people have their energy centres closed or out of balance, because of fear or emotional situations at work or with family members. You will also experience having your chakras realigned and the cleansing of your Aura with my powerful Condor Feathers. How to do it by Zoom? Once you book your session you will receive by post the perfect dosage and instructions you require to prepare this Healing Cacao drink, with all the special herbs and spices, (prayed and prepared especially for your benefit). Once you do it you can get ready for your session. The discounted offer includes Sacred Mayan Cacao from Guatemala and exclusive High graded Cacao from Venezuela (posted to your home), Oracle Readings, Cleansing and Realigning of Aura and Chakras with Condor Feathers, for only 65 pounds via Paypal.

The food of the Gods can reawaken the wisdom of your heart, as well as soothe those emotions that need care and attention. The Oracle symbols will give you the advice you need to hear, to manage what you are facing at the moment, and make those decisions that are pending, making you feel guided, more positive, and connected.

If the heart is the central home of the soul, give yourself the space to bring the soul home to reconnect with what you need and want, emotionally, physically, and energetically. Elevate its vibration to rise above any situation with more confidence and strength.

Every healing therapy with Cacao and Oracle includes cleansing your Aura with Condor Feathers and realigning your chakras so you can feel rejuvenated and re-energised. Most people have their chakras out of balance, some even completely closed or depleted, so be ready to feel the difference before and after the treatment.

Oracle symbols to bring the vibration of the heart to connect and heal

Katiushka is a caring healer and therapist who will give you the attention you need to surf the waves of emotions we are all facing now, while making your heart stronger against fear.

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