Equinox Ceremony with Sacred Cacao around Mayan Fire (LONDON)

IMG_1053FRIDAY 22nd September. Inviting at 6:00 pm to start SHARP at 6:30 pm until 9.30 pm. £35 contribution, which goes to fund THE LOVE WOMEN PROJECT in Mexico, supporting and empowering women to reclaim their power from abusive relationships, and to protect themselves and their children. The Equinox is a time where we have equal measure of day and night. If we think why this ceremony is important…we could look into the BALANCE in our own life. LIGHT is the connection with our origin, the cosmic gold energies that raise our vibration for the highest good and healing of ourselves as well as Mother Earth.

When we prepare for the autumn and winter months, there is less light available as the days become shorter. However we need to bring that LIGHT from within to keep the vibration high and be able to tap into that golden light in connection with the suns of the Universe to balance our own energies.

candle-1Create warmth when it gets colder. Turning on the light when we have moments of feeling low. Do it everyday if you wish to keep the light shining.
You will have an initiation/meditation which will be very useful to listen to anytime during the coming months.

We are experiencing shifts and rapid changes beyond believe. The world seems at times like a bad soap opera unwilling to let the old ways go to let the new ways in. but there are a lot of wonderful things happening and we all need to chip in with our own light..

We can be part of the light if we connect with the SUN and be of service to the vibration that transforms all into golden cosmic light. Like looking through the golden glass and putting your glasses on to see with those eyes and spread the light around.

This intimate and powerful ceremony is limited to

15 people! Please accept the invite and reserve your place before it gets sold out!
£35 contribution at the door.
Please bring a dinner candle, flowers, and some food to share a nibble and offerings for the fire, like tobacco, and chocolate for ancestors.

A Healing Circle with
* Golden Mayan Copal Cleansing.
* Reading sesskat_loveshaman_oracle-copyion with Floating Forest Oracle to receive advice on what you need to focus on from the heart.
* Sacred Cacao Drink with Vanilla blessed from Flying Men from Papantla, and mixed of spices, flowers and special herbs to activate 4th dimension.
* Initiation/Cosmic Golden Light Journey
* FIRE CEREMONY MAYAN STYLE to heal family ancestral patterns, to ask the fire to clear them.

We experience challenging and INTENSE times, and the more we activate our heart´s wisdom the more we know what is important to us. Not only to follow our purpose but also to connect and to rise to higher levels of consciousness.

We will drink S
cacaoacred Cacao to align with the HEART and reactivate our wisdom. We will gather arpund A HEALING FIRE MAYAN STYLE TO DO THE OFFERINGS NEEDED and to ask the fire to purify and bring more light into our path. THINK OF A FAMILY PATTERN YOU WANT TO HEAL, that might be soemthing you can work on for the benefit of 7 generations to come

Contribution: £35 per person. Pay at the door. Make sure you accept the invite so I can keep an eye on the numbers for this intimate powerful healing ritual.

You are all welcome to share this safe and sacred space with us to activate your heart´s wisdom and connect with that vision that allows to bring more light into your life. Using these energies of today´s Equinox, we will connect more deeply with our FIRE within to expand, bringing powerful insights about what we need to feel free from. The more we listen to our heart´s desire the more we align with our soul´s purpose to focus on what is really important for us.

We will be in a safe and sacred space where you are held and nurtured. Enjoy and feel connected to everyone else around you, including the people you love and the pulsating heart and love of Mother Earth.

What will happen during the ceremony?
The ceremony has a CIRCLE format that allows everyone to tune and expand the heart in a very gentle and kind way. We create a sacred circle which will start by increasing everyone’s vibration, and the message from the ORACLE for the cycles ahead and to pay attention to what we need to focus. My Condor Feathers will touch and cleanse what you need to let go of. Whatever any person from the group needs it will be taken care by the Love Healers, Katiushka Borges, and Geoff Brinsden (Firekeeper), will assist you in the process of reconnecting with your heart expansion to experience more joy in your life and connect with GRANDFATHER FIRE.
If you want more information check www.katiushkaborges.com
or message me.

What to bring: A bottle of water, and a small blanket if you feel you want to get cozy. We will sit in the garden and brake bread after the fire.

What you drink during the ceremony is sacred cacao made from 100% raw ceremonial grade cacao from Guatemala; and Venezuela, which has been specially prepared for this ceremony. THE CACAO DRINK contains a blend of herbs, flower essences and spices like cinnamon and cardamom, it is suitable for vegans. You can add demerara or cane sugar, as you wish or a pinch of cayenne pepper.

The ceremony itself lasts for around 3 1/2 hours but the effects stay around in a more subtle way for a few hours and even days and you can tune into the wisdom by reconnecting to a quiet space and enjoy the marvelous things that might happen to you. DOWNLOAD THE RECORDING OF THE RITUAL TO DO FOR A FEW DAYS AS SUGGESTED DURING THAT EVENING. Check Love Medicine Woman, Soundcloud to download the tracks for FREE..

We will offer a tea on arrival.

You will have the time to integrate emotionally during and after the ceremony, enjoy the good feeling of your heart’s expansion. Let the Spirit of Cacao heal what needs to be healed, as the mind will not intervene. Some people watch a comedy, a funny movie, and shed some tears. You are healing deep stuff to live your life to the full and face the challenges that lie ahead by focusing your strength and willpower.

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