We have been called to do this work with much care and respect, and we feel honoured we can help to heal the family, as well as have clear signs that we can help loved ones on the other side. Since I was a little girl I have been fascinated by death, and the transformation that goes with it.  My first encounter with near death experience was when my mother almost died before giving birth to me. Since then I have studied, and trained to do this work, I have gone through Conscious Dying Initiations with Lama Ole Nydahl. Karma Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, and learned about different traditions, taught in dreams, and visited by departed loved ones who ask for my help.

When people die suddenly, at an accident or take their own life, it is a huge shock for the family, as well as the soul of the departed (without any moral judgment). We are all connected and the vibration of those souls require assistance to continue in their journey, with the support of their own family and friends who love and miss them.  Acceptance is the hardest thing for everyone. When we turn the WHY into WHAT FOR, we can find the grain of wisdom, and the lessons we can learn from that person´s life are key.  What that person  planted in our hearts is what really makes the difference, as that will keep them alive and give purpose to their life and meaning to their death.

In the moment we die our levels of consciousness determine the kind of journey our soul will have. Nobody teaches us how to understand lthe cycles of life and death in good way. To realise that death does not exist, and that only our physical body is not present in that form anymore, it elevates our frequency of understanding and connection. Ancient traditions like in Mexico, after the Catholic intervention, keep their rituals alive on the Day of the Dead, but most people don´t know how to deal with the loss of loved ones when guilt, what ifs, anger, blame, if only and remorse flow like an unstoppable river of pain and sorrow.

In all the ceremonies I have performed there has been a sign of relief, gratitude, love and connection. Clear signs that what we have done together in ceremony has helped the loved one on the other side IMG_0858and has brought peace to the family and to us, on this side. I did it with my grandfather,  father, family members from friends and many loved ones.
The ceremony lasts from 2 to 3 hours, and the family experienced much peace as the loved one finds the way to communicate, grateful for the love and the healing taking place for all. There are some preparations in advance, as every person is unique, so the ceremony and the rituals are tailor made.

Please get in touch if you want some advice or to know something specific of your interest. Feel free to drop me a line.

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