About Katiushka

“Since I was 6 years old, I knew I was born to be of service to others. I have trained all my life to share new ways of healing, quickly and easier, without having to relive the traumas and pains from the past.” 

As a Love Healer, Coach, Author and Artist, I have a passion to empower others to love and be loved in a good way (starting at home where the heart is). In a few sessions you can achieve amazing results, I can heal you and teach you:

Energetic Cord CuttingHow to heal your relationships by cutting from negative energetic cords (Parents).

How to move away from the victim mentality and reclaim the power of the heart to experience love.

How to release stress, become more productive, and happier with what you really want and meant to do.

“Everything was going wrong in my life, a lot of obstacles, a lot of effort and nothing. I felt very heavy and tired all the time. After the cleansing and healing you did for me, I felt lighter. I even got the interview of the job I wanted for a long time the week after. ” Tatiana

“When I realised that my interactive sensory art installations had healing effects on people, and their relationships while they had fun, I knew I had created something that could benefit and heal many.”

How can we prevent ourselves from keep doing what is not good for us anymore? We want to change and stop doing more of the same. There is so much chaos and pain in relationships, it is our responsibility to learn how to be free from repeating the same old patterns of behaviour. I have done it, and with 6 sessions you can do it too. I apply my own method, tested and proven,  Trance Ludic Healing, which is the result of over 25 years of creating new formats and tools to communicate, to inspire and to deeply heal others. People find it powerful, safe, fun and effective.

“A healing and revealing experience. I was not aware of how my own stuff was ruining my relationship. Thank you for opening my eyes. We are happier than ever, and I am a father now.”  Jon

I have learned to follow the path of the heart, as my life is guided to be of service.  I  keep myself learning, creating and sharing to heal  and inspire others to find that connection. I travel to Europe and Latinamerica to perform ceremonies and teach Shamanic Healing Methods.

“Hi Kat, thanks a lot again for a heart-warming, magical evening. You made everyone feel welcome and nurtured, shared powerful tools with a down to earth, relaxed approach and you really supported us in bringing forth what mattered. Great to be able to connect to Grandfather Fire after all these years and in urban London! Today I feel still and very peaceful once more, thank you! I look forwaFireandTarotMoonrd to see you again, love to you and Geoff, thanks for your lovely hospitality”. Cinzia.

“P.S. last night i had a lucid dream that helped me solve part of the riddle i brought to the workshop. Hurray!”

Since I was 3 years old I could remember some of the behaviours I did in past lives. And when I was a little girl, every week I use to create experiences to inspire and empower people to perform better (like my cousins and neighbours), using acting, songs, stories and performance. And the key was to engage an audience to test they work (grateful to my kind paternal grandmother ‘Abuela María’).      I could also perceive what was not visible to others, and my sense of curiosity took me to magical experiences I never told anyone, as I only shared it with Hia, my protector.

I was quite good at writing stories and poems about love and relationships, while I was in school about my friends, and their real or imaginary love life. Then I moved into music by creating songs and playing the guitar. Coaching about love and relationships was a natural way to be there for my friends. Then, a videocamera took me to journey around the world to capture stories and images that will touch people’s hearts. So any media was a good canvas to express myself, using the heart as the metaphor to connect, inspire and transform myself (and then, share it with others).

When I tested the game THE WAY I SEE YOU, PLAY INTERACTIVE PARTNERS and LOVE THERMOTEST, among couples from all walks of life, I proved ‘that men could sLoveThermotest_Gamestolovebetterpeak about their feelings while women listened…I knew I could help others have better relationships, and raise better children that can love and be loved in a good way.’

It is an honour to be part of the Grandmothers Circle The Earth,  to protect the next 7 generations.


My latest art residency ANCESTRAL HEARTBEAT took place in Mexico Oct15-March16, where I registered the oral tradition on Mexican culture through the elders, to inspire new generations to value the wisdom of their own ancestors.Kat and Geoff honouring Ancestors

I am originally from Caracas, Venezuela and I grew up between Caracas and New York.  Since 1996, I live in London,  where I came to do an MA Interactive Multimedia, at University of the Arts – London College of Communication.  I love studying and gained several certifications: International Certified Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, among other healing techniques such as EFT, Clean Language, Deep Democracy, Vivation® and Hypnotherapy. I have rigorously trained in Shamanic Healing Methods with Northern Drum Shamanic Centre, and the most respected elders from the Amazon, North America, Scandinavia, and Mexico.

“About your workshop: I enjoyed it very much, and had a great time.  I liked the Pleiades initiation, I am actually using it and a lot of energy moves. In fact, I find it very useful. I really liked PLEYADESMATURINthe exercise of healing one another. I felt very comfortable and I loved doing it in Spanish. The fire, as always, was the best! I believe you guided the workshop very well, everyone felt comfortable and each participant felt special and looked after.” Will.

¨My motivation is to keep learning and creating  and testing new ways to develop, inspire and benefit others”

Katiushka Borges
Artist and Love Healer
London, SW2
email: chamanamovil@gmail.com
T: +44 (0) 208 6719373
M: +44 (0) 7769633100